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Who is running Facebook? Many people will say the name of Mark Zuckerberg in the north, But there is a Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Facebook. his name is Sheryl Sandberg

He is called, the right hand of Zuckerberg Without his advice Zuckerberg does not move one foot, and Do not make any decisions, Sheryl family folks Zuckerberg,  Zuckerberg as well as Sheryl’s role is enough to bring Facebook to the present place. She is the only female member of the Board of Directors of the company. Her name was on the list of 100 influential people in Time magazine’s 2012 magazine. Recently the name of Sheryl is heard in the post after the resignation of Trovis Kallenik from the position of Chief Executive Officer of Uber, a popular taxi service in the world. However, there was no interest in cereal, Why or why? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who held him up. After the death of Sheryl’s husband in 2015,Zuckerberg stood beside a friend like him. Sheryl has done enough for Facebook He poured Facebook’s mobile plan. While on Google, he was the Vice President of Global Online Sales. Google’s various products and Google search were under his responsibilities. He was born on August 28, 1969 in a Jewish family in Washington, United States His father Adele Sandberg was an ophthalmologist and mother Joel Sandberg was a college teacher, Harvard University has accepted Higher Education from Harvard University. After graduation from Harvard, O Started Your Career in McKenzie & Co. World Bank of London and London, Before joining Google in 2001, he worked as the Chief of Staff of the United States Finance Minister . He was a meritorious student from his childhood, At the beginning of his career, he joined government treasury in 1999 as a government official, However, after the defeat of the Democrats in the 2000 US election, he decided to join the rapidly-expanding technology sector. However, at that time Google was a small institution in Silicon Valley. The income was not the same. But Google’s goals attracted him. He called Google Chief Eric Smid of that time every week. In 2001, Sheryl joined Google Business Unit Manager as Google. At that time Google continued to grow rapidly. Growth of Sheryl’s promotion. He became the Vice President of the Global Online Sales and Operations Department, However, after seven years in Google, he became interested in new challenges. Since then, he has been meeting with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for one or two days a week, First at the house of Sandberg in the cafe in Menlo Park, Thus, after six weeks of interview, Zuckerberg told Sheryl to be the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, His present age is 47 Living in the United States of California. Currently the widow, Currently, his wealth is 161 million US dollars. Since 2008, he has been the chief operating officer of Facebook, Analysts believe that he is contributing to the rise in Facebook’s current revenue. Analysts of the Sheryl said that very hard people are  Sheryl Sandberg, Follow the strict rules. Go to the office at the right time. Get out at the right time. Tail all the work, Analyzed each job, discussed the details and took the detailsZuckerberg can also be shown to guide him properly. Above all, the quality of the need for running an institution, there is everything in it


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