How to Live on Twitter- all twitter user must look

How to Live on Twitter– all Twitter user must look..

In the present day, young people are becoming increasingly popular to Micro blogging site Twitter. Because it is one of the mediums to know the world’s news in a very short time. This site is also quite popular due to the hashtag feature. Popular Social Media Facebook Like Twitter, there are live benefits of Twitter. With this live Immediately you can show your Twitter followers.

How to Live on Twitter

Before going live on Twitter so The first your need to do is download the Twitter app on your mobile, Then press the button for ‘New Tweets

It is usually powered by the Android operating system, Smartphone Twitter application below and Find the right side and the right side of the iPhone’s Twitter application. Click the New Tweets button and you will get an option named Live. Click here to get a text called ‘What’s Happy’ And your camera will actively turn on. At the place of ‘What’s happening and Describe what you’re going to live on. Then Hit the Go Live’ button will start live. If you want to stop live, But there is an arrow mark on your device Which dragged down Stop Broadcast ” When you press it there will be live closed automatically. And it will be saved a video in your Twitter account’s timeline.

Twitter is a popular social network

twitter is an online news and social networking service Twitter is the most popular second social network. where users post, upload photo or share any photo and interact with messages, Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams and launched in July

Twitter has gained tremendous popularity all over the world. Twitter is the world’s second largest social network. Twitter has been called an Internet SMS Members can write directly to the Twitter website. By 31st October 2010, there were 175 million Twitter users or more than 17.5 million members on Twitter.


come in soon Some of the new features on Twitter

Twitter is being made more advanced and usable in the new features.

The CEO of the company Jack Dorsey tweeted Twitter will work specifically on four topics this year.

These are those

Abuse control

Harassment off

Follow the Topic-Interest

And manage the conversations meaningfully.

Earlier he had earlier in the week last week, Twitter users wanted to know what could be done to increase the service. Based on the feedback given by the subscribers, he told these developments on Twitter.

In the new system, users can now follow only hashtags and specific keywords for someone’s account. Conversations on Twitter are also quite complex. The system will also work to make it easier and easier. Many have been criticized for not having any system to stop trolls and harassment on Twitter. Last year Twitter accounts of terrorists closed, And the members acted quickly on sanctions. But blocking someone or reporting will solve the problem, do not think that users too. At the start of last month, the newly elected President Donald Trump, unpresident ‘spelling mistakes were found the worldwide scandal. In this case, the edit button could play an effective role

Chief acknowledged the idea of the matter. But editing can always be done or it will be available for a certain time, it is still not correct.


Updated: June 14, 2017 — 6:26 pm

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