How to save your battery without help of software

How to increase save your mobile phone’s battery life?

Android battery Safe

First of all, what you have to do is fully charge before using the battery first,

A lot of time to keep the charge in the battery

If you can keep your phone off for a long time, Then just keep your mobile phone on Turn off the turn, Because Mobile phones are too much energy to shut down and turn on, So do not stop the phone if you do not need it, And this will save your phone’s power or charge. Keep your vibration off on your mobile phone, And Keep ring tone Only. Because the vibration function uses the power of the battery much more. Keep the ring tone volume as low as possible. Keep the light off of your mobile phone, Because if the flashlight behind the mobile is ignited, the power of the battery is wasted. So keep the light on the light, to keep battery charge lengthening, And Avoid using unnecessary features on mobile. Do not use internet or camera during phone charging, And keep Bluetooth off the mobile. Because it consumes very soon the battery charge. Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth only when needed. Keep Wi-Fi, GPS or infrared off, If these features are built on your mobile, keep it off and use it as needed,

Manage Background App Refresh

Do not use animated images or videos as backgrounds of mobile phones. Because the animated backgrounds quickly finish the battery charge. Whenever possible, keep the phone a black background, Because the black screen reduces the low charge.

Turn down the brightness

mobile screen timeout settings

  mobile screen timeout settings

Keep the timeout of the screen short. Keep your mobile screen timeout time at least 15 seconds

If you follow the rules below, your mobile charges will never end soon

1. Always use Mobile Original Charger, And before charging, turn off the mobile phone.

2. Do not open the charger or stop charging until the charge ends,

3. Do not try to charge ‘Auto Charger

4. Depending on the use of the phone application, the battery life, Using mobile phone messaging applications can quickly eliminate battery life, These applications can not use, but the cost of battery charge, So the phone can not be turned on more applications

5. If the mobile phone is always hot, Then the battery of the phone is expected to end soon, So take care of purchasing a mobile.

6. If you notice while charging The charger is getting very hot, Then open the charger and put it down a bit, And connect to another electronics socket

7. If the battery is lost or lost due to any reason, Then buy the company’s batteries and Buy the company’s charger along with.

8.  Wireless connections like GPRS / EDGE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth should be discontinued without need. Because, if these connections are running, they are trying to find out the source of the nearest connection. And the amount of battery consumption at this time, Which is more than any other time.

9. If the battery is hot during working on mobile, then stop working, If it is too hot then turn off the mobile and keep the battery open for a while. 

10. Do not play more mobile games, because, playing more games can slow down your device and it is very harmful which can quickly damage your battery as well

Here are some more rules to keep the battery good

Many of us use keypad’s words and vibration which should not be done unnecessarily, Always keep the light of the mobile display light, Use the minimum value of Power Saver timeout. When finished the application, it is best to leave it, If you do not have a mobile phone network, then turn off the mobile and try again If you do not get it then keep the mobile off. Because a lot of charges is used for network search. Kept locked when not in use in the mobile.


If everyone follows the above rules, then I think the charges for your mobile phone will be long

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Updated: July 14, 2017 — 12:19 am


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