some tips and tricks on Facebook- all lovely Facebook user must look

Some tips and tricks on Facebook



Social media fiestas have been involved in our daily life At present, from small to large, almost everyone has social network, at least one account Facebook has become a popular medium to inform others or to know each other’s events. And the social media is also interested in the user’s interest as more users are friendly. Many Facebook users do not know about Facebook’s latest changes. This report highlights some tips and tricks on Facebook.

Animated profile pictures

Facebook recently changed some of their mobile app. As a result, Facebook users Their profile pictures are in place .Profile video or animated photo has the advantage of installing. The profile picture will move in it, Which will make the Facebook user timeline even more interesting. However, this facility will be available only to the mobile app users of Facebook.

Turn off auto video

Many people are annoyed while running Facebook because of auto-video.

Because the video keeps playing while scrolling the mouse on the news feed. As it often happens in many embarrassing situations, Internet megabytes are spent on account without reason But it can be closed. You have to go to Facebook account settings. Here’s the video and photos option Automatic-video closing options are available.

Protect from annoying post

There are many times seen A friend constantly uploads photos to Facebook or shares something offensive. That makes you embarrassed

But you can not exclude that friend from the Friend list . In that case you unfollowed that friend He will be on your friend list but his post will not be seen in your Newsfeed. so at first go to the your friend’s profile and click the Following option to select the unfollow option.

If you do not want to miss favorite posts

There are many times seen Lost in the news feed crowd The shared status of your favorite Facebook fan page. News Feed Preferences “That’s the status, you will not miss. so You must go to the settings option from your Facebook Mobile App, Then go to ‘More’ option in the ‘News Feed Preferences’ option. Then you have to choose from the options that you want to see before any friend or fan page.

Photo Liked By

Facebook search in Photo liked by or Commented by write and Find out easily by searching. Your close friend has commented on someone’s profile or liked the photo

Turn off Facebook Tags

There is a lot of trouble with Facebook tags, For example, friends can tag me any photo or video It’s a best problem so you can turn off on tag

go to your facebook home and click facebook  settings> to > timeline and tagging> choise the option And turn off


Updated: June 14, 2017 — 2:09 pm

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