Top 10 Android Apps-All Lovely Android Users Must Look

Top 10 Android Apps

Hello Everybody Today I will discuss the topic,
It’s about ten popular Android apps,
Below these ten apps About are discussed

So Follow The Top Ten Android Apps Review Post.


1- [ Vivavideo PRO ]

Viva Video pro


VivaVideo Pro is a popular video Editing Android Software

Viva Through this software, editing all kinds of video art
The video can be made in a beautiful way.

The software that can be done through this software is discussed below

vfx Effect

Long Video Clips Cut

Video Clips  To clips  Connect


Audio Editing

VivaVideo PRO has following extra features.


-No watermark any video

– No ads in Video

– Unlimited video length in exporting

– HD quality export (720P) Full HD Video

And Plentiful exclusive & unique effects to use Any Videos


There are also some excellent features

Eassy And Powerful Video Editor

Easy to use professional editing tools,  And look like professional Video Editing Software

– Trim and merge video clips

– Support multi capture options, Basic/Selfie/FX/Funny/Music Video/Collage/collage frame/Video Effect  Etc

And There are many feature The Apps VivaVideo Pro

But This vivavideo pro  Apps is Not A Free Apps

Because This Apps Is Very Most Popular Android Video Editing apps

The price of this software is $ 3.21


VivaVideos Pro  Download


But There is another app similar to VivaVideo Pro

However, it is slightly different from VivaVideo Pro, although it is similar

If you want, like VivaVideo Pro, there is no free apps so Then download below apps

VivaVideo  Download links Download


2- [ PhotoSuite 4 ]

Photosuiite 4 Apps

Photosuite 4



Photosuite 4 is a Most popular  Android Photo Edit Apps

Photosuite 4 is a great Android apps

It’s easy to edit any picture with these apps, Can be designed very well.

These apps have great effects, that can be made by any Design picture

It’s also a popular app among all the current popular Android apps,

This Apps have great effect that will look good to everyone, It’s topped by the top ten Android Apps in the present Time,Below are some of the features of Apps .


Photosuite 4 Feature


Photosuite 4


Download Play Store link Download


3- [ PhotoFunia]



Photofunia Is a Popular online photo Editing Android  apps

PhotoFunia is the best way to add a spark or any effect to your photos,

this apps Edit is Eassy make them special Effect  and more original. In only

a few seconds an make amazing photo collage is ready

Below are some features




Photofunia Photo Frame



Photo frame


photofunia download link Download


Take PhotoFunia with you wherever you go in apps and create stunning images on your mobile or tablet with great mobile app.

4- [ PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage ]


Picsart Photo studio

PicsArt is the Number one popular great photo editor and pic collage maker apps on mobile, Picsart apps have a effects, collage maker, free clipartlibrary,camera,  Etc. millions of Millions user created stickers off The mobile apps PicsArt’s making awesome PicturesAnd Sticker, Picsart photo studio have a Awesome Collage maker Feature, PicsArt’s collage maker provides 100s of free templates and sticker .


With 1000s of amazing features, PicsArt’s photo editor has everything you need to make every picture awesome,

See The apps Some feature photo


Picsart photo studio


Download Picsart Download


5- [ Google drive]

google drive

google drive


Google Drive is popular files share and upload Sofware

Through this Apps, any files can be saved and shared, and It’s a popular apps among all popular apps, 80 percent of the world’s people save and share all their files through these apps,

google drive

google drive


Google Drive is a safe place for all your files and puts them within reach from any smartphone, Desktop  tablet, or computer. Files in Google Drive

With Drive, you can.

* Search for files by name and content Or Find For Any Foldar

* Safely store your files

*Quickly find  your content.

* Quickly access recent files or foldar

* Set access levels for who can view,See file details and activity.

* Easily share files and folders in drive

Download Link Download

6- [ Folder Lock ]



Folder lock

    Folder lock


One of the best Popular  file locking  On Mobile Phone software

Every Android User want Folder Lock And Safe Your Any Document Or Filles,

So If you are lock to your any folder, and safe to your any Files or document,

so you can download on this apps, and Safe your Document or Any Files.

This software is a very Helpful, So Everybody want safe your document or files so you can download this apps .Password-Protect Sensitive Photos And your Videos so you can download this apps


download link Download

7-[ Assistant for Android]

android assistant

                    android assistant

There are many things that can be done through these apps
Below are all the features of the apps being viewed

This apps have 20 features

No-1 [ App backup and restore ]

NO-2 [ System Info& Details ]

NO-3 [ Phone Ringtone Control ]

NO-4 [ Startup Time Setup ]

NO-5 [ Batch Uninstall& Installed ]

NO-6 [ File Manager ]

NO-7 [ App 2 SD ]

NO-8 [ Startup Silent]

NO-9 [ Menu ]

NO-10[ Settings ]

NO-11 [ Startup Manager ]

NO-12 [ Process Manager ]

NO-13 [ Monitor status ]

NO-14 [ CPU, RAM ]

NO-15 [ ROM, SD card, Battery ]

NO-16 [ Cache Cleaner ]

NO-17 [ System Clean ]

NO-18 [ Empty File ]

NO-19 [ Empty Folder ]

NO-20 [ Clear Browser ]


Download link Download


8- [Maps – Navigation & Transit]

google maps

Google maps

Through Google Maps, we get services such as Google Map website Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, for various Maps based services.

Google Maps usually shows a street map and goes on foot, guides to travel by car motor bike public transport, for travel routes, and also includes a locator for businesses in many cities around the world. Google Map Satellite imagery in real time Is not updated,
Although Google regularly adds their required information to their database

So Everybody Understand Feel that This Apps Is very Important apps


So Download link Download

9- [ Gmail ]




Gmail Is Most popular Digital message

An E-mail message consists of three parts Message envelopes or packets, message headers or keys, which contain messages from where and from whom information, and messages Header mail handles information about controlling, in which but less sender’s E-mail address, has one or more recipient addresses. But there are usually more detailed information such as a field for header content and message transmission information, receiving information etc

Download link download

10- [ ES File Explorer File Manager]

ES File Explorer

      ES File Explorer


Download Link Download

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